Justin Knock MW presents - How to get an Edge in Wine Investment

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Our Vision for the Wine & Whisky Investment Fund...

...is that when a Fine Wine or Whisky is opened at a 5-Star Hotel, Michelin Star Restaurant or Bar anywhere in the world - that our investors have earned a market-beating return from that bottle.

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How are we different?

Investment Services

Focused on generating attractive risk-adjusted returns through the acquisition and development of fine Whiskeys & Wines.

Shared Services
The OENO Group provides comprehensive asset management, market pricing, economies of scale in marketing, and inventory and risk management.

Collateral Management
OENO is focused on delivering fundamental analysis, product acquisition and performance excellence through a full suite of vertically integrated solutions across Investment, Trade, eCommerce and House Sales. Oeno’s ecosystem and solutions are designed to identify and extract the informational and relational inefficiencies of fine Whiskey and Wine acquisition and monetization.

OENO Group encompasses a full scope of capabilities from the grape to a bottle sale at Oeno House.


Through the entire design process, Oeno partners with its investors, counterparties and clients on modeling, producing, building a collection with storage services and/or liquidation at market or retail platforms.

OENO customizations are distinctly positioned to integrate clients, partners, and counterparties into a holistic process designed to remove any unnecessary associated costs.

Our Results after 9-years managing investments


Total funds under management from hedge funds, qualified, accredited and private investors.

'Best Wine Investment Firm 2021 & 2022'

OENO is the most awarded Wine & Whisky Investment Firm in the world

Investment Strategy - Uniquely Interested Buyers and Investors

  • Vertically integrated specializing in fine wine and whisky acquisition, portfolio management, investment management, development and monetization
  • In-house teams and resources to and acquire stock that typical buyers cannot
  • Opportunities to leverage the Oeno vertically integrated platform and create repeatable processes that generate positive long-term outcomes

Proprietary Dealflow

  • Strong relationships providing access to off-market investment opportunities
  • Access to OENO owned inventories
  • Focus on increasing value by direct origination to final sale transactions which reduces competition of firms liquidating at auctions

Proven Process & Expertise

  • 9-year track record in the fine wine and whiskey markets
  • Owned or managed multiple assets with an aggregate value of approximately $83,000,000 and comprised of over 100,000,000 units of inventory
  • Developed, acquired or managed over $100,000,000 of private assets

Focused Strategy

  • Create operating efficiencies and capitalize on underperforming assets, value-add opportunities, and overlooked market trends
  • Invest in attractive markets that demonstrate strong growth potential, are unlikely to be mass marketed, and appeal to highly sophisticated investors
  • Identify opportunity for value that is overlooked, misunderstood, or mispriced by others and then work to unlock the hidden value
  • Minimize downside risk and will generally favor investments with slightly lower returns and reduced downside risk over investments with higher returns

OENO Culture

  • Built on the idea that “Fines Wines are a Investible Hard (but Highly Liquid) Asset"
  • Investment in the right people, relationships, processes and platforms promotes operational excellence, innovative solutions, efficiencies and improved productivity Commitment to fine wines and whiskeys with the goal of diversifying returns across opportunistic monetizations combined with fundamentally drive longer term holdings.
  • Long-term assets to be paired with favorable visibility on immediate liquidation value.

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